Ron Obadiah

Co-Managing Director

Ron Obadiah is Co-Managing Directors for Time Century Holdings. Mr. Obadiah is responsible for the financial analysis of current and prospective transactions as well as debt financing, loan compliance and debt strategies. In addition, Mr. Obadiah oversees all phases of Time Century’s, development projects, including initial feasibility studies, project budgeting, due diligence, project financing, selection of design professionals, oversight of construction, marketing and legal oversight and management of the sales process.

Mr. Obadiah previously worked at Reuters America Inc. for 14 years, where his positions included, Head of Data Contributions, Director of Fixed Income Production and Director of Real-Time Data. Mr. Obadiah holds a B.S. in Economics from SUNY Buffalo, and a B.S. in Accounting from CUNY Queens College, N.Y.